Money 4 Schools Project

We supply schools with a number of printed options for them to earn money, the items make fabulous gifts for parents and family members, this is a no risk project as you are able to offer the goods to parents and collect payment before placing the order with ourselves, generally this is a project co-ordinated by the school PTA and can help with extra valuable funds.

The idea of the project is;
- The school provides us with a picture, drawing, painting, handprint, etc which has been drawn or created by a child.  We then transfer the image onto one of our printed items and return it to the school.

Please note we provide HIGH QUALITY fully Die Sublimation printed products, please do not confuse our prices and service with a number of cheap budget websites offering ‘lowest price’ inferior items.

Our items offered are;
Coasters – a pack of 4 is charged at £6, easily sell these to parents for £10 for a pack of 4
Every person has a coaster to keep their cup of tea/coffee, a perfect reminder of a gift from a loved one, coasters make a wonderful addition to a dining room table, or anybody’s place.

Placemats – £5 each, sell to parents for £8.00
Again, a fabulous addition to the dining room table, add your favourite image to one of our fabulous high gloss placemats

Mousepads - £5 each, sold to parents for between £7.50 & £10
Mousepads are a very nice gift, particularly if the mousepad is personalised with a favourite picture. In general a lot of many peoples working time is spent in front of a computer.

Mugs - £5 each, sold to parents for £7.50
Everyone has a mug, stand out from the crowd with our fabulous pre-treated dishwasher safe plain White mug which is waiting to be personalised with your favourite image.